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Wadi Muhaisen Obtains Deferred Prosecution for Client

Sep. 17, 2014 – Wadi Muhaisen’s client was accused of criminal menacing and unlawful possession of a gun in public when he was defending his property from aggressive individuals.

Wadi worked hard on behalf of the client to show the prosecution that the story was not what it seemed.  After much communication with the prosecution, Wadi negotatied a deferred prosecution for his client.

This Colorado deferred prosecution agreement requires that – within a specified period of time – the accused must complete all of the conditions contained in the agreement; in this case it was one safety class. Once the conditions of the agreement were completed and evidence provided to the DA and the Court – the DA dropped the charges against Wadi’s client.

As a result, Wadi’s client avoided an adjudication (a criminal conviction) and the sentencing that would have followed that conviction, and is not eligible to seal the arrest and criminal case records.