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Wadi Muhaisen Successfully Persuades Court to Seal Client’s Criminal Records

In Colorado, criminal court records are generally public. That means anyone can go to the local courthouse and find out if someone’s ever been arrested, charged with a crime, or convicted of a crime. Many states, including Colorado, permit a person to petition the Court to seal their criminal records.

Generally in Colorado, there are four categories of sealable criminal records, A) records of dismissed cases, B) records of cases involving some drug offenses, C) records of petty offenses and municipal code violations, and D)juvenile record expungement.

In this case, Wadi’s client was charged with a very serious crime, and even thought it was dismissed with Wadi’s assistance, the arrest and charges still appeared on Client’s public records, causing him many professional and social problems.

Wadi prepared the Petition to Seal and conducted the hearing before the District Court; Client’s petition to seal was granted.