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Wadi Muhaisen Trial Success

Examples of Recent Successes*

Breach of Contract by client against his former attorney – Verdict for client after jury trial, former attorney ordered to return client’s money.

Burglary, Trespass, Assault case – Dismissed on eve of trial date.

Breach of Contract case against large insurance company, jury trial – Verdict for client, money damages awarded.

Sex Assault on a Child by Person in Position of Trust – Dismissal of all charges.

Distribution of a Controlled Substance Schedule I, and Conspiracy to Commit Distribution of a Controlled substance – Dismissed.

Felony Soliciting for Child Prostitution and Criminal Attempt to Commit Inducement of Child Prostitution. Not Guilty after Jury Trial

Felony Colorado Organized Crime Control Act, Felony Theft, 4 counts Felony Forgery, and 2 counts Felony Attempt to Influence a Public Official – Not Guilty on all counts after Jury Trial

Felony Assault – Dismissed before trial

Menacing – Domestic Violence – Not Guilty after Jury Trial

Indecent Exposure – Successful Motion to Suppress Police Entry into Home Granted, Case Dismissed by Prosecutor.

Felony Assault in the Second Degree – Dismissed before trial

Felony Possession of Schedule I Drugs with Intent to Distribute – Reduced to petty offense

Unlawful Display of Firearm — Deferred Prosecution

Indecent Exposure – Not Guilty after Jury Trial

Indecent Exposure – Plea Agreement to non-sex petty offense.

Felony Sexual Assault on a Child – Not Guilty after Jury Trial

Driving Under the Influence – Not Guilty after Jury Trial

Civil Action on behalf of five defendants accused of violating a non-compete agreement and breaching a contract – Dismissed before trial for improper service of process, case refiled, then Dismissed again by the court on Defendants’ Motion for Summary Judgment.

Non-Compete Clause litigation  – Negotiated agreement to permit Defendant to operate in several regions of the country.

Civil action against Electrician for Negligent work – Full verdict for the Plaintiff

Civil action by roofer for funds – Full verdict for Plaintiff

Federal Civil action by an inventor against his former multi-million dollar company and CEO:  Verdict against both for money damages and full rights to his invention after Jury Trial and Declaratory Judgement by Court.

Harrassment, Assault, Criminal Mischief [Domestic Violence] –  Dismissed the morning of trial.

Civil action for one Landlord against nine tenants:  Verdicts for landlords in nine different trials.

Refusal to Obey and Blockage of a passageway during Democratic National Convention:  Not Guilty after Court Trial

Several Successful Petitions to Seal Criminal Records.


 List is only to demonstrate attorney’s experience and ability and is not in any way intended to imply similar results will occur in your case. No attorney may guarantee the outcome of a legal matter.